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Our internationally certified annealed laminated safety glass is manufactured to global quality standards. We offer clear, translucent, and tinted laminated glass. For energy efficient options we offer Solar Reflective coated and Low E coated glass.

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Clear & Tinted Laminated Safety Glass

THERMO-SAFE Laminated safety glass is manufactured from two or more sheets of float quality glass bonded together with one or more PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayers. Glass thicknesses are nominal and dependent on the substance tolerance of the glass manufacturers.

Colours- In addition to our THERMO-SAFE clear laminated safety glass, THERMO-SAFE laminated safety glass offers a variety of tinted and reflective glass products. More than one colour vinyl can be added to give the glass a “deep “tint. It is recommended that a thermal stress evaluation is done on laminated safety glass with a high heat absorption, prior to installation.

Incorporating a Low E (low emissivity) coated glass to the inner surface of the glass, coating to be on surface four, increases the thermal insulation of the glass assisting with energy efficiency legislation.

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Type Thickness
Normal strength 0.38mm
High penetration resistance 0.76mm
High impact 1.52mm

Normal strength: 0.38mm.

High penetration resistance: 0.76mm.

High impact: 1.52mm.