Glass Walkways

Glass Partners offers a wide range of additional products such as;

  • Glass walkways

Glass Floors.

  1. Small deflection – much less than the glass thickness.
  2. Use standard design formulas like Roark.
  3. Four edge support two edge support.
  4. Design loads from SANS 10160 Part 2.
    1. Point load plus self-weight
    2. Distributed load plus self-weight
  5. If the bottom leaf breaks the rest of the construction must take the load

The above products require specialized glazing and need to be signed off by a structural engineer.

Glass Partners are manufacturers and distributors of the highest quality laminated and toughened safety glass.

Our laminated safety glass and toughened safety glass conforms to all the relevant manufacturing SANS standards.

SANS 1263 – PART 1 – Human Impact

SANS 1263 – PART 2 – Burglar-resistant and vandal resistant glazing materials

SANS 1263 – PART 3 – Bullet-resistant glazing materials