THERMO–SIG Double Glazing Units (Energy Efficiency)

Glass Partners have several full in-house double-glazing plants allowing us to supply double glazed units for almost every application using all types of glass available for various requirements.

Manufactured from two or more panels of glass separated by a metal spacer bar and bonded with a primary and secondary seal, before dehydrated air or argon gas is trapped between the glass panels.

Double glazing insulation is affected by cavity width, the use of Argon gas instead of air between the panels, or by using a low emissivity (Low E) coating that reflects the heat back into a room. The double-glazing system therefore reduces the amount of heat or cold that escapes through the window system, and therefore cuts down on heating and cooling costs and saves on electricity bills without sacrificing comfort.

  • SOLAR CONTROL – heat and cold loss through windows where energy efficiency is required using low emissivity float or safety glass. Available in clear or tinted/reflective glass.
  • SOUND CONTROL – sound reduction using 6.76mm and 8.76mm Noise block sound control safety glass where sound control is imperative such as along highways, factories and sound studios.
  • PERFORMANCE DECORATIVE PURPOSES – using tinted, colored, reflective, translucent or clear glass for use in buildings where aesthetic appeal or privacy is required.
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY – toughened or laminated performance using 6.38mm normal strength (NS) 6.76mm high penetration resistance (HPR) or 7.52mm high impact (HI) glass for security in high risk applications.