THERMO-SAFE Acoustiblok™ Acoustic Glass

Normal strength laminated safety glass provides better sound control than monolithic glass of the same thickness, as the visco-elastic properties of the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer provide a dampening effect on the transmission of sound waves.

Conventional laminated glass with a single normal strength (NS) polyvinyl butyral interlayer – 6.38mm thick –  is rated at 33 dB. 8,76mm Acoustiblok™ with a 0.76mm HPR acoustic interlayer, 8.76mm is rated at 37 dB and provides a noticeable improvement in sound reduction.


Every 10 dB is perceived as twice as loud, so that a 20dB reduction would reduce the noise level by four times.

SOUND TRANSMISSION LOSS (S.T.L.) values are mean, measured at the centre frequency of the 1/3 octave band, over the frequency range 100 to 5000Hz, centre of glass.

It is important to understand that acoustic glass should be part of the entire construction system solution, i.e. the framing and insulation of the building.