Manufacturing Standards

All laminated and toughened safety glass is manufactured and tested in accordance with SANS 1263 PART 1 for safety and security glazing materials fir buildings. The purpose of this test is to determine whether safety possess the breakage characteristics that minimizes the risk of cutting and piercing injuries in the event of breakage.

Toughened safety glass may be susceptible to optical distortion. While the hot glass is in contact with the rollers during the toughening process, a surface distortion is produced by a reduction in surface flatness, known as “roller wave”. Roller wave is generally noticed in reflection and can show signs of small imprint in the surface i.e. (“roller pick-up”).

Our PVB laminated safety glass is universally recommended for use in “hazardous” areas, where damage and subsequent injury may occur.

Glass Partners distributes all safety glass in accordance to all the relevant SANS safety standards.

SANS 1263 – PART 1 – Human Impact

SANS 1263 – PART 2 – Burglar-resistant and vandal resistant glazing materials

SANS 1263 – PART 3 – Bullet-resistant glazing materials